Cropover 2015/ Baje International

After two weeks of  no sleeeeeeeeep(Janet Jackson voice)  making costumes and finally getting some sleep on the plane.  Machel Montano  was ...

After two weeks of no sleeeeeeeeep(Janet Jackson voice) making costumes and finally getting some sleep on the plane. Machel Montano was on my flight which was funny and I was thinking I'll get a picture later after my nap and when I woke the whole crew was asleep lol. My friend who's dope picked up my costume for me seeing how I was flying in on Sunday and pickup was finished on Saturday believe. I got all my pieces to the costume except my string for my head piece but if there's a will there is a way I actually ended up loosing the headpiece on the road anyways. You get your cups to carry on the road, small coffee, food for that day, sunglasses sponsored by Banks Beer or whoever sponsored your band and your out and ready.  I had to wake up 4am to get ready for Crop Over, the excitement and exhaustion were in full effect that day but I was ready fi di road. I played with Baje Intl, I love love my costume and all the costumes from the band. I had a great experience playing with them but I also love the experience of moving from band to band and seeing all the beautiful costumes. From jumping Caribana to Crop Over a day after, I was in carnival mode for the last couple months. The experience from jumping in Crop Over was amazing, I jumped band to band and I got to see Rihanna and a few other celebs on the road as well on my outings. I wish I got more pictures on the road but I honestly will say I was having too much fun to really take a whole bunch of photo's next time I will do my best though. My phone got ruined on jump day soo I think that just pretty much clears up how much of a blast I had. I will update more pictures from my trip soon. I took my Reebok snakeskin shoes and change the laces from Melody Ehsani as you can see I wore both for carnival because I knew both shoes would come back looking the same as they were LOL.

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