Caribana 2015: Tropical Fantasy

This year my friends and I are working on  Caribana costumes  with  Fantazia International . I designed the costumes for   Tropical Fantasy ...

This year my friends and I are working on Caribana costumes with Fantazia International. I designed the costumes for Tropical Fantasy which is my section of the band. The costumes are based off of Macaw parrots which are found in subtropical and tropical regions of the world. I'm actually really new to the costume scene, although I have played mas 3 years now, I have not once designed a costume except for the one year are costumes weren't made properly so we had to help and bedazzle it lol, horrible. I didn't have help with making the costumes unfortunately so for the most part I figured out everything. The only thing that was made from the band was the mohawk piece which is unisex for female backline and male backline. We are revamping the costume now because another band stole our costume idea, which sucks but situations like this happen all the time and there is always room for improvement. Section leader is in the first picture with the ostrich feathers, headpiece, bra, spider panty by me, leg pieces, we have added arm pieces and different leg pieces to the costume. Frontline is with the belt with the fringe and the goose feather wings. We have added addition pieces to the costume as well. Female backline consist of a tiara, bra, leg pieces and arm pieces. The male backline has a headpiece arm piece, chest piece, shorts and leg pieces. The cool thing about our section you can pick your design and you can customize your belt on certain things. We are updating the costume so look for new pictures by next Wednesday. On another note Caribana is a huge festival in Toronto that celebrates Caribbean culture. You get to taste amazing food, meet beautiful people, watch the masqueraders palance across Lake Shore, dance and enjoy the festival. You'll definitely have a great time watching the parade or playing in the parade. I can actually say I've had a better time playing mas. If you are travelling to the city for Caribana weekend and want to play mas with us in the parade, whether you are international or live in the city and/or country, you can email us at, we still have costumes available we also have group discounts if you have friends who want to play.

Section Leader


Section Leader and Frontline

Female Section Leader and Backline

                                                                      Male Backline

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