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So I wanted to review a couple of products that I bought from . I will start with the products left to right. First up ...

So I wanted to review a couple of products that I bought from I will start with the products left to right. First up is As I am smoothing gel which is probably one of my favourite hair gels, I used. It's made from natural products with coconut in it, the smell is really nice as well, the gel layed down my natural hair flat and smooth. It doesn't have any build up and it's very lightweight. I wish I bought more, if you want to purchase this gel and you live in Canada, you can only get it at LH Boutique because I haven't seen it in stores and As I am doesn't ship to Canada. Hicks Edges Gel is also another gel with natural hair products and works really well, it slicks down your hair completely damp hair or dry, I suggest only using it when you first wash your hair like it says. The smell isn't strong so it doesn't bother you. One of my friends recommended it and I like it as a product. Next is Shea Moisture Raw shea butter lotion. I really like this brand because their products are organic, this lotion is very moisturizing and gives it a shine. The only downside is that the smell is a little strong and if your nose is sensitive it will bother you. Beside it in the back is Shea moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo for thick and curly hair. I love this shampoo, it's lasted me a long time and it's not a big bottle, it has no sulfates, no animal products, it's not tested on animals and a whole bunch more. It defines your curls and doesn't dry out your hair, I recommend using the hair milk with it that hydrates your hair. I have 4 products of Okay which is the coconut oil, olive oil, caster oil and vitamin E, all which can be used for skin and hair. I prefer to use the the olive oil to hydrate my hair and skin. The coconut oil for hair mask treatments and vitamin E for hydrating hair and skin as well as split ends. Vitamin E is good for a few other things as well like coconut oil. The castor oil isn't bad for your hair but I don't recommend using it for eyebrow or eyelash growth, because the castor oil isn't cold pressed. The Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil hair product hasn't been used yet because it was bought for my mom and she hasn't tried it yet. The Cocoa Curls, I haven't really used it seems to be really hydrating for the most part but I never leave my hair in curls so I can't give my full review on it. The Ultra Glow Shea Butter Soap also keeps your skin smooth and doesn't dry your skin out after a shower. I used it for my face and I thought it was a good product and it has a nice smell. Last but not least is Shea Moisture Sugar Wax which is all natural, it smells amazing, it leaves your skin smooth as well I heard about sugar wax, so I decided to give it a try I would definitely recommend it. LH Boutique carries a whole bunch of hair products for any hair type as well as hair extension and wigs, definitely check them out, they always have good sales as well.

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