For: Natural Hair/ Curly Babyliss One & Only Argan Heat Flat Iron

I received a Babyliss One & Only Argan Heat Flat Iron on Amazon. The funny story behind it is I looked at this flat iron but I didn'...

I received a Babyliss One & Only Argan Heat Flat Iron on Amazon. The funny story behind it is I looked at this flat iron but I didn't see any reviews on it, so I said I think I'll use it as a second choice, if the one I ordered wasn't good. So I originally ordered the Babyliss Pro which had great reviews and I was ecstatic when I opened the box but the Iron I received was the one I was staring at for days and contemplating on getting, funny how that works. So I emailed the seller about not receiving the right product which was disappointing at first, until I searched  for the flat iron and finally found reviews and everyone was raving the iron saying it has magic, I couldn't help but laugh. So I emailed them back and told them that I read the iron was just as good as the Pro. They told me to keep the iron for free and their sorry for the mistake but their mistake was a blessing and I felt bad because I should of checked about the iron first, they insisted that I keep it. They had excellent customer service and were extremely helpful. Now for this iron it's amazing like people reviewed it. It's great for anyone who has 4a, 4b, 4c or whatever kind of curly hair pattern you have, this iron is definitely for you. I ran the iron on heat level number 15 and my hair was straight with just one try, I was really surprised because I told you guys about my Hot & Gold machine that goes to 450 didn't work as well and the iron plates burn which smells gross when I first got it and still does. I ran through my hair twice just in case at 20 and it was really hot. The iron doesn't stag or pull on your hair it runs smoothly on your hair. It heats up really fast and the cord is really long which is a plus. My hair stayed straight for about a week until I washed it, I didn't use the iron again after that day which was surprising for it last so long, I will say though I went to the gym and the roots sweat out a bit but barely noticeable. I don't have a picture to show my hair with the clip-ins yet because I'm in need of a serious trim lmao. I will have to do an update with a picture. The hair does blend well though and was extremely soft and when i put my hair in braids it blended well. My hair also came out really silky smooth, soft and shiny. This iron is really good and it comes with a small sample of One & Only Argan Oil which you don't need to use but it definitely adds softness to your hair. It's really good as well, if you have been searching for an iron I definitely recommend this one. I know this a long review lol but I wanted to give the details on it and I'm not sure if I want to Vlog yet so I'll stick to writing lol, enjoy.

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