1 Year/ Purple Flower Dress by Milli J

Today is my blogs 1 year anniversary , heyy :-). I've posted for a year now and even though I didn't get to post how I would of li...

Today is my blogs 1 year anniversary, heyy :-). I've posted for a year now and even though I didn't get to post how I would of liked, I still managed to get some post out there. With that being said, I have left a special D.I.Y. post for this day. Last summer up until February, things got set back because my room was being redone and everything was packed away. Sewing was then put on pause for me because I was working a lot more. I had the opportunity to go to Fabricland and I was syked because I seen sewing patterns which I didn't know, so I picked up a few and I decided to work on this pattern from Project Runway. I've never sewn a dress in my life, nor did I learn in school but I said hey I know some of the basics and I'm teaching myself along the way so I said "why not try it out".I had to pick up another fabric because the one I got from Fabricland I ran out and they didn't have anymore. (Always pick up a little more fabric than you should if it's on sale). I ended up sewing the pattern and I was got everything together but then the instructions were not to my liking so I got help from a seamstress. Two of my co-workers knew how to sew so they showed me what to do and they were surprised I actually got that far seeing how I never made a dress. My main problem was getting the halter top together . With a lot of alterations to the dress because the pattern wasn't actually according to my size like it says. I figured out how to do the sizing and I ended up making this dress. Check it out, I might alter the front again but I haven't decieded. Enjoy.

Dress: Purple Flower Dress designed by Milli J Shoes: Sandals by Aldo

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