Here are some pictures from my trip to Barbados . A lot of the pictures are from all across the island. I featured some pictures from Cropo...

Here are some pictures from my trip to Barbados. A lot of the pictures are from all across the island. I featured some pictures from Cropover, beaches, caves and cliffs. When I went to Barbados I changed up my hairstyle so my hair was easier to maintain. I am rocking 3 packs of 4B Malaysian Kinky curls in 12",14" and 16" as well I dyed the ends of the hair dark purple that highlighted in the sun. I absolutely loved the colour but I decided not to wear a swim cap and if you didn't know which I didn't think would happen purple dye washes out easily especially with salt water haha I met a girl who lived on the island who had the same problem with that being said my hair changed different colours from pink,blue,purple and grey. Crazy right? It looked really cool at the end of the day but if you don't want this to happen and you have wild colours in your hair cover it up lol. When I came back I re-dyed it again and it was back like new with a violet purple. This hair was super easy to maintain, I loved it because it blends in with my hair, it's super soft as well. A lot of the shot I got to take came out crazy to me because the intake of the sky, the clouds were amazing, a lot of the pictures I took are courtesy to my cousin's uncle who's like family he took us around the island, to the flower cave, horseback riding, views and to a very nice restaurant, I don't remember the name but I believe the drink I had in the picture was passion fruit punch or something similar and I had coucou and flying fish with red sauce. The food and drinks were amazing, loved the fruit punch. In the flower cave a lot of the rocks form different shapes that resemble animals which you can see a lot more on the island and inside the cave there's a rock that resembles a hand that I took below. I also seen some of the monkey's on the island, their super cute because when they cross the street they look both ways before going as a group. Also during cropover I seen Rihanna up close I failed to get a good shot though unfortunately but in the picture I took you can see her and Melissa her best friend, they're both beautiful, anyways enjoy the pictures I took.

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