Dipped in M.O.B.  and laced in Melody Ehsani . Married to the mob is one of my all time favourite brands. Owned by Leah McSweeny who ha...

Dipped in M.O.B. and laced in Melody Ehsani. Married to the mob is one of my all time favourite brands. Owned by Leah McSweeny who has a dope story on how she started her line. I've been rocking M.O.B. clothing since I was 19, right when I could finally get my stuff online but I use to daze at their clothes a while before lol. The brand speaks for itself and it meshes well with my personality and style. I let my style speak for itself. Here I am rocking my Ride or Die Bitch, MTTM hat from 2010, I also have the gloves to match it(not feature yet), My girls rock Balenciaga & smoke mad marijana crewneck shirt in blue and pink, regular jeans and my Melody Ehsani Reebok sneakers. Let me just tell how hard these sneakers were to get. I believe it was on pre-order from September, October was the release date but they were all sold out. I was lucky enough to get a pair around December or January. Melody Ehsani is another one of my favourite's for my jewellery collection. From her ring designs and shoe designs, everything is different and just beyond dope. I get amped when I receive their stuff and I've never been disappointed. I'd love to intern for Married to the Mob but lets just leave it at that lol. "I'm that MOB Chick that don't cook or clean but I Dress my ASS off and my walk is mean".   


Check out MTTM & their blog which is very humorous: http://mttmnyc.com/collections/all &http://mttmnyc.com/blogs/mob-blog
as well as Melody Ehsani: http://www.melodyehsani.com

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  1. I like this - do you have a blogLovin so that I can follow this blog?

    1. Thank you, yes I do have my blog on there:)


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