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I recently started to paint my nails around the summer time. I decided to try something different instead of going to the nail salon  all t...

I recently started to paint my nails around the summer time. I decided to try something different instead of going to the nail salon all the time. I thought painting my own nails would be a breeze, boy was I wrong lol. To some it comes easy and to others its harder than it looks. For me it wasn't easy, seeing how I never painted my nails. There's a lot to do shaping your nails, making sure your nails are clean from excess oil, applying growth & strengthen gel, base coat, nail polish, top coat and then finally drying them. It may not seem like a lot but I have no patiences when it comes to drying, it takes too long and I always find myself doing things so it's not easy for me to sit there and let them dry. In this post I am going to give you information on what I've learned & experienced from this past summer till now. It might be long but bare with me it will be worth it.

Here I will explain everything you need to know. A few things that I focus on while buying nail polish is the smell. I stick to nail polishes that aren't strong. From the back of the picture is Misa Nail polish, Essie and in the front are two nail polishes I was given that have white caps are matte, from the left is Sephora, Bella Pierre and then Nicole by O.P.I. Another thing that is important to me is that the Nail polish is not test on Animals. I'm an animal lover so I prefer not to use cheaper nail polishes. Another thing I noticed with nail polishes that are tested on animals the smell is outrageous lol but maybe it's just me. Once I went reading about who tests and who doesn't, I took back all the ones that did. If you want to know more info just check out PETA. 
  • If you are a beginner ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use base coat. I had to do that in caps. The reason why I say this is because when you apply nail polish on your nails constantly, they can't breath properly and dark colours will turn your nails yellow. Base coat protects your nails from all of this. 
  • If this does happen the first step is to remove the nail polish from your nails and don't apply it until your nails have cleared up. The way to clear them up, there are a few methods you can use lemon juice, it helps a bit but I would say the best method of all is to shave them down by buffing them. Don't do it everyday but once or twice a week to get the colour to fade. Also use growth & strengthen gel if you have to do this or if your trying to grow your nails back, if you have been to the salon a lot.
  •  If your always in a rush like me and you want to dry your nails quickly here are two methods: Spray Pam cooking oil on your nails, which helps them to dry faster, wipe the oil off your hands but avoid your nails so it doesn't smudge then eventually wash your hands lightly to get the oil off.
  •  Another thing to do is to get a big plastic bowl put water inside and then put it in the freezer. Wait until the water is really cold and then put your hand in the bowl for a minute or two and your nails will be dry but still be careful with them. 
  • Here's where this will benefit you if you have a hard time painting your opposite hand, which is the hardest hand to do, I have a technique for you. Use the same method with the ice water, make sure it's cold, do this before you paint any hand. Put your hand that you don't write with in the water for two minutes let your hand get somewhat numb. Dry that hand, then paint the opposite hand with the hand you put in the water. Your probably like what does this do? Right. So I did this last week and basically when your hands cold, it stops your hand from shaking and it allows you to paint your hand normally, without painting all over the place. If what I wrote is confusing about which hands to use: if you are right handed put your left hand in the water first and if you are left handed dip your right hand in first and if both hands shake then dip both of them.
  • Q-Tips are also your best friend while doing your nails. Before applying nail polish take a small amount of Vaseline and rub it around your cuticles. This will come in handy when you start painting your nails. The Vaseline helps the paint come off easy. You can also use pointed Q-Tips if your in the Toronto area you can find them at Superstore. The brand is called Joe Fresh, it costs 5 dollars for a pack of 80 or you can always use regular Q-Tips.
  • When you are painting your nails, you should also paint the inner tip of your nails. It helps the polish to stay on longer and won't chip as fast. Also when painting always take off excess paint to avoid the paint from dripping and air bubbles, especially when top coating.
  • Bella Pierre is a great product if your in a rush to have your nails dry fast. The paint dries very quick and it doesn't stink at all. Bella Pierre is made from natural minerals and it is a very good product. I got them as a birthday present, so I'm not too sure where to get them but I would just Google it. I highly recommend them.
  • Finally LOL, last but not least I will post a couple things for you guys. 1. A Youtube video on freezing your nail polish (she used a small bowl, I recommend a big one) 2. A picture of the Q-Tips 3. A picture of my opposite hand painted using Essie's Mamba & Over the Edge 4. A link to my Pinterest for Nails and inspiration and that's all for tonight. Until then ciao. (

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