Balmain Spring RTW 2013

This Balmain's collection is absolutely inspirational , it's female empowering and simply stunning . I chose 31 pieces out of 4...

This Balmain's collection is absolutely inspirational, it's female empowering and simply stunning. I chose 31 pieces out of 40 which are my favourite out of the whole entire collection. Every outfit here is a turn head, stop and stare. From the high waisted skirts and pants, harlequin checks, lace, crystal sparkles and the basketry formed on the jackets and dresses are impeccable. I adore the basketry on the dresses and the jackets, the detailing is amazing. I'd love to own all these pieces and own them with a bad runway walk. If only I was a few inches taller, runway here I come. Just kidding. The Latin-style inspired from the 90's brings out the old school to the new school for the official glam girl's, 31 outfits to wear your in Balmain fashion heaven for a month. My top 5 out of the collection are pictures, 5,7,8,30 and 31. I had to post this because there was no way, I couldn't write about this collection. If you haven't seen it I hope you enjoyed it and if you have I hope you like it even more. Toodles.

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